The Process

Interested in Shutters?

Here’s What to Expect…


Free Estimate

Our qualified salesperson will meet you at your home at a convenient date, and assess your need for shutters. An estimate of the cost will be provided either at the meeting or via email.


50% Deposit

Once the shutter options and colors have been finalized, we require a 50% deposit be sent to us to start manufacture of the shutters.


Order Shutters

The second you agree to purchase the shutters, we place your order with the manufacturer, which is put in a production queue- which usually results in a 2-4 month wait time depending on season.



Once we receive your shutters, we will call and set up a time to install. Depending on the number and type of the shutters this may take from a few hours to a few days. Once completed, we require payment of the balance.

Services Provided

Ask us today about your goals regarding hurricane shutters and any other storm protection needs. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have solutions to a multitude of problems that homeowners and businesses face.

Removal of old/damaged shutters
Design pressure analysis
Completion of your insurance company documents
3 Year Limited Warranty
Repair Services
Credit Cards have a 2.8% Fee
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