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Hurricane shutters for hurricane protection in wilmington are designed to fend off this storm

Who Are We and What Do We Do?

We Provide the Best Storm Protection for SE North Carolina


We have proudly serviced cities from Myrtle Beach, SC up to north of Jacksonville, NC. Our products for storm protection comply with both Florida and North Carolina storm codes. All of our hurricane shutters and protection, for windows and doors, are custom manufactured from superior materials that help to protect against water, debris, and provide additional security for your home. We take pride in building, measuring, and installing our products resulting in the quickest and best service possible.

Due to this we can provide hurricane shutters in Myrtle Beach, hurricane shutters in Wilmington, and all up and down the Eastern Carolinas in a prompt manner that justifies the hurricane shutters cost.






One way homeowners have tried to protect their windows from storms is through the use of safety and security films. However, as a result of a new law in 2011, this film should not be considered hurricane resistant in Florida.


These are the most stringent hurricane codes, and the ones that we adhere to when installing in North and South Carolina. The film makes the windows more shatter resistant but DOES NOT make them impact resistant to hurricane borne debris.


On its own website, 3M clarifies that its line of “Safety and Security window films are not hurricane proof, earthquake proof, bulletproof, bombproof, nor burglarproof. They are designed to make window glass more shatter resistant.” They also make it clear that “this product is not approved in the State of Florida for uses a hurricane, windstorm, or impact protection from windborne debris from a hurricane or windstorm” and states that in compliance with Florida Statute 553.842, the product cannot be advertised as “impact resistant.”