Colonial Shutters

Why Colonial Hurricane Shutters Are a Must-Have for Your Home

Colonial Shutters (Rated and Decorative)

Our Town & Country Colonial shutters have a traditional look found on traditionally styled Southern Homes or plantation style homes throughout the United States. We offer both impact/pressure resistant and decorative shutters which come in a louvered or Board & Batten style. The raised panel style can only be offered as decorative shutters. The low profile frame system and vast array of powder-coat finishes ensures that they can match the style of any home.

Quick Overview

Rated Close from outside only, inside close non-rated
One of our most aesthetically attractive shutters
Aluminum for both strength and durability
No storage space needed – permanent installation of frees up valuable storage space. 
Energy efficient – In closed or semi-closed position accordion reflects sun’s harsh rays and provides shade.
Over 200 powered coat finish options at no added cost

Easy to Use and Maintain

One of the biggest advantages of colonial hurricane shutters is their ease of use and maintenance. Shutters can be closed quickly in the event of a storm, but may require ladders to deploy in a rated fashion. This means you can quickly secure your home in the event of a storm without needing to hire a professional or spend hours installing and removing panels. These shutters require very little maintenance, (monthly use with cleaning 1-2x a year) making them a hassle-free investment for any homeowner.

IL B Wing and Playground
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Panels are vastly harder to deploy
Accordions can be deployed in a fraction of the time
Adds aesthetic value to home
Can be used for sun protection
Electric rolldowns are easier and quicker to use
Colonials are much better looking
Colonials are easier to maintain
Colonials can be used on any opening you can get your hands on
Screens are not recommended to be placed directly against openings due to the potential to break the glass during impact events
Screens are better options to cover large openings that are not against glass

Bahama Shutters

Both are very aesthetically pleasing, bahamas match more of a tropical look while colonials match plantation style
Bahama shutters do block some of the view, although the articulating blades do cut down on that.
Colonials can be installed on decks/doors, where Bahamas are either not recommended or possible
Similar price
Polycarbonate is only suggested on non-operable windows
Colonials are a better choice on all other openings

Accordions are some of the lowest maintenance shutters that are permanently affixed to the home. Check out our Maintenance Section for details.

Pressure Rated

We perform design pressure calculations to ensure your shutters will not blow in/out during a storm- which can cause the home to implode.

Impact Rated

Shutters meet ASTM 1886E/1996E/e330 and/or TAS 201, 202, 203 to ensure superior protection from flying debris.

Adds Beauty and Value

While all shutters add value to your home due to their protective properties, colonials add a great deal of aesthetic value that vastly increases sale value.

Energy Savings

If HOA allows, deployment of shutters when not around (or during storms) will cut down on solar gain/loss. Ease of use means they can be used daily if desired.


Your insurance company may offer a discount if you protect all the openings on your home with a blend of hurricane protection products.

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