Accordion Shutters

Why Accordion Hurricane Shutters Are the Best Choice for Your Home

Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Living in a hurricane-prone area can be stressful, especially during the storm season. One way to protect your home from the damaging effects of hurricanes is by installing accordion hurricane shutters. These shutters are a smart investment for any homeowner, and in this article, we’ll explore why they are the best choice for your home.

American Hurricane Shutters offers the best of the best when it comes to protecting your home. We understand that hurricanes and strong storms can cause damage in the blink of an eye. Our accordion storm shutters provide the strength and durability your home needs to withstand strong winds, blowing debris, and heavy rain. We use aluminum, unlike the competition.

Our knowledgeable team installs all our shutters to the exact specifications of Florida Storm Codes. Our customers can rest assured knowing these shutters aren’t going anywhere. The competition can’t say the same for their products, which may not perform correctly because of deployment, construction, or installation issues.

Quick Overview

Rapid response to storm threats – closes quickly to protect your opening in the event of a storm.
Convenience – no more putting up, taking down or storing aluminum panels or plywood.
No storage space needed – permanent installation of accordion shutters frees up valuable storage space. 
Provides added security with choice of either inside or outside locking mechanisms.
Available in colors of White, Ivory, and Bronze, and Beige.
Unobstructed View – in the open position the accordion offers a full view when looking out the window from the inside.
Energy efficient – In closed or semi-closed position accordion reflects sun’s harsh rays and provides shade.

Easy to Use and Maintain

One of the biggest advantages of accordion hurricane shutters is their ease of use and maintenance. Unlike other types of hurricane protection, such as plywood or storm panels, accordion shutters can be quickly and easily opened and closed by anyone in the household. This ease means you can quickly secure your home in the event of a storm without needing to hire a professional or spend hours installing and removing panels. Additionally, accordion shutters require very little maintenance, (monthly use with cleaning 1-2x a year) making them a hassle-free investment for any homeowner.

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Comparison with Other Shutters


Electric rolldowns are easier and quicker to use
Accordions are about as difficult to use as manual rolldowns
Accordions are approximately half the price

Hurricane Screens

Accordions can be used on any opening you can get your hands on
Screens are not recommended to be placed directly against openings due to the potential to break the glass during impact events
Screens are easier to use on all openings, including on patios where either can be used

Bahamas and Colonials

Bahamas and Colonials add more value, due to being more aesthetically appealing
Accordions can be closed from inside or outside, a rated colonial close is only done from outside
Accordions can be installed on decks/doors, where Bahamas are either not recommended or possible
Accordions are a fraction of the price

Flat Polycarbonate (Lexan)

Polycarbonate is only suggested on non-operable windows
Accordions are a better choice on all other openings

Accordions are some of the lowest maintenance shutters that are permanently affixed to the home. Check out our Maintenance Section for details.

Pressure Rated

We perform design pressure calculations to ensure your shutters will not blow in/out during a storm- which can cause the home to implode.

Impact Rated

Shutters meet ASTM 1886E/1996E/e330 and/or TAS 201, 202, 203 to ensure superior protection from flying debris.

Easy to Use

Possibly the easiest to use manual shutter option. With regular use, a typical house can be deployed in about 15 minutes.

Energy Savings

If HOA allows, deployment of shutters when not around (or during storms) will cut down on solar gain/loss. Ease of use means they can be used daily if desired.


Your insurance company may offer a discount if you protect all the openings on your home with a blend of hurricane protection products.

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