Flat Polycarbonate (Lexan, PalcSun, Makrolon, ClearTek)

Rated and Non-Rated Polycarbonate Hurricane Shutters for Storm Protection

Polycarbonate Hurricane Shutters

Protecting your home from devastating hurricane damage is a top priority for any homeowner. That’s why investing in polycarbonate hurricane shutters is a wise choice. These shutters are crafted with a durable and sturdy material that can withstand heavy winds and debris without breaking or cracking. Flat, clear polycarbonate hurricane shutters offer added benefits such as minimizing heat transfer and offering noise reduction. By investing in these shutters, you’ll not only protect your home from devastating weather but also increase its value and aesthetic appeal. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Upgrade your home’s protection today with these superior-quality hurricane shutters.

Fixed windows can typically only be covered by rolling shutters if you do not wish to use a ladder to operate them. We offer two novel solutions to this issue. While the brand names vary (PalcSun, Lexan, Makrolon) we can utilize a .220″ sheet of polycarbonate as a non-rated protection option. On the other hand, we also offer the only rated flat polycarbonate system- Cleartek Flat Hurricane Panel-, which use a patented bracketing system to achieve impact and pressure resistance that meets Florida Hurricane Codes (as well as North and South Carolina).

Quick Overview

Permanently affixed to home- 24/7 Protection
Improves Insulation
More Cost Efficient than other option- rolldowns
ClearTek provides the only rated system for flat polycarbonate
Clear as Glass
UV Protected- Guaranteed not to Yellow!
Use only over non-operable windows since it covers the entire window and is unable to be broken by a homeowner.

Low to No Maintenence

One of the biggest advantages of accordion hurricane shutters is their ease of use and maintenance. Unlike any other type of hurricane protection, since flat polycarbonate is affixed permanently to your windows, there are no moving parts or labor to be protected. Cleaning the shutters with a non-abrasive cleaner (such as Palmolive) and ensuring to not power wash them, will ensure a long life. (Non-Rated Pictured)

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Virtually no maintenance other than cleaning for clarity.


For fixed openings, there are generally no other options than rolldowns (unless you want to use a ladder or it is reachable on the ground or a deck). There is a significant cost savings associated with polycarbonate vs. rolldowns.


Your insurance company may offer a discount if you protect all the openings on your home with a blend of hurricane protection products. Non-Rated does not meet this criteria.

Pressure Rated

We perform design pressure calculations to ensure your shutters will not blow in/out during a storm- which can cause the home to implode. Non-Rated does not meet this criteria.

Energy Efficiency

Rated and non-rated polycarbonate increase the R-Value of your openings, which will help keep your house the correct temperature.

Impact Rated

Shutters meet ASTM 1886E/1996E/e330 and/or TAS 201, 202, 203 to ensure superior protection from flying debris. Non-Rated does not meet this criteria.

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