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The Benefits of Installing Bahama Hurricane Shutters

Bahama Hurricane Shutters

Also known as Bimini or Bermuda shutters, our Bahama hurricane shutters not only provide stylish tropical flair to your home or business, but also offer reliable storm protection against high winds and flying debris. Our FullView Bahama Shutters (2″ or 4″) have articulating louvers that open to 90 degrees, allowing an unobstructed view from inside the house. When closed, they protect against impact and prevent dramatic pressure changes during a storm, keeping your roof intact. It’s a sigh of relief for every homeowner when there’s worry about storm damage during a strong hurricane. It’s also not something every hurricane installation company can brag about. That’s what makes American Hurricane Shutters stand out from the rest. Our shutters are permanently affixed to your home or business, requiring no storage space, and can be made storm-ready by just one person. You can quickly seal everything up once the storm approaches. We offer an array of over 200 powder-coat finishes to choose from, and have decorative options when you do not want storm protection. The vast variety means you can find the right Bahama storm shutter to find your business or home’s aesthetic. You’ll also find there are movable blades on the shutters, which means you can look through them. It’s perfect when you want to let in the right amount of light during the day and provide ample privacy at night.

Quick Overview

Rapid response to storm threats – closes quickly to protect your opening in the event of a storm.
One of our most popular options, since they add so much aesthetic value to beachfront and coastal homes
Articulating blades allow for a nearly unobstructed view as opposed to other rated bahamas which are backed by perforated metal.
Over 200 powder coat color options available for no added cost
Energy efficient – shutter blades and projection can be adjusted to reflect a percentage or all of the sun’s harsh rays or add additional insulation in the winter.
No storage space needed – permanent installation of shutters frees up valuable storage space. 
Quick deployment

Ease of Use and Maintenance Tips

Bahama hurricane shutters are some of our easiest-to-use shutters. Unlike other types of hurricane protection, such as plywood or storm panels, these shutters can be quickly and easily opened and closed by anyone in the household. This means you can quickly secure your home in the event of a storm without needing to hire a professional or spend hours installing and removing panels. The maintenance for Bahamas requires frequent use of the moving blades (1x a month) as well as intermittent use of anti-seize and lubricant where needed.

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Comparison with Other Shutters


Panels are vastly harder to deploy
Bahamas can be deployed in a fraction of the time
Bahamas add aesthetic value to the home
Can be deployed from the inside


Accordions are generally regarded as unattractive, while Bahamas will add aesthetic value to your home
Accordions can be used on decks/over doors
Much vaster range of color options for Bahamas.


Bahamas can be closed from inside or outside, a rated colonial close is only done from outside
Colonials can be installed on decks/doors, where Bahamas are either not recommended or possible
Similar price


Electric rolldowns are easier and quicker to use
Bahams are easier to use (in most cases) than a manual rolldown
Similar price

Hurricane Screens

Bahama can be used on any opening that is not a door (not recommended on decks)
Screens are not recommended to be placed directly against openings due to the potential to break the glass during impact events
Screens are easier to use on all openings, including on patios where either can be used.
Bahamas are only rated up to an 11ft monolithic span, so larger openings may be unable to be covered

Flat Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is only suggested on non-operable windows
Bahamas are a better choice on other openings

While requiring a bit more upkeep than other shutters, with regular maintenance these shutter will last a long time. Check out our maintenance section to see what you should do.

Pressure Rated

We perform design pressure calculations to ensure your shutters will not blow in/out during a storm- which can cause the home to implode.

Impact Rated

Shutters meet ASTM 1886E/1996E/e330 and/or TAS 201, 202, 203 to ensure superior protection from flying debris.

Easy to Use

With proper maintenance, these are one of our easiest shutters to us.

Energy Savings

Due to constantly being in front of the windows, Bahamas will cut down on solar gain/loss. Ease of use means they can be used daily if desired.


Your insurance company may offer a discount if you protect all the openings on your home with a blend of hurricane protection products.

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