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This was quite an interesting job to perform. Our customer was very adamant about preserving the unique Confederate Jasmine that he had been cultivating on his house for years. We originally installed aluminum panels on the four upper windows, but later returned to install accordion shutters due to their ease of deployment- the customer was getting older and was concerned about his future ability to deploy panels.

Bertha™ Storm Panels offer value and protection. These systems include removable panels made of aluminum, steel and clear poly-carbonate  Panels are cut to size and attached with anchors or tracks for easier assembly and installation. Our storm panels are tested and approved for most areas.

Accordion Shutters are permanently installed for year round protection. They fold back compactly similar to a louvered door. They are installed beside windows and doors, balconies, and large patio openings. Accordion shutters are convenient, and easily closed within minutes. They lock from the inside or outside for increased security and protection. Accordions are made of aluminum and should be cleaned and lubricated yearly. Accordion shutters are considered one of the strongest shutters available.

In addition we installed accordions to protect the windows that were surrounded by the jasmine- so they both were considerate of the plants and protected the home.