Rolldown Shutters for Hurricane Protection on a Home in Wilmington

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This custom storm installation was performed for one of our nation's heroes- a retired U.S. Military General. He desired a cost-effective solution where he could close off his home quickly in the event of a storm. After assessing his needs, we installed a combination of electric rolldowns, bahama shutters, Lexan, as well as aluminum panels.

Developed in 1953, Lexan polycarbonate resin is an amorphous engineering thermoplastic, which is characterized by high levels of mechanical, optical, electrical and thermal properties. Lexan resin is one of the most widely used engineered materials in the world and has contributed to product revolutions in virtually every industry.

Unlike conventional Bahama Shutters, our FullView Bahama Shutters employ articulating louvers that offer the best outward views, with the ability to close and prohibit large volumes of air from pressurizing the structure. Since our shutters are permanently affixed to your home or business, they require no storage space. These one-pieced louvered shutters attach directly above the window and prop open easily and quickly to provide shade and are ready to face any storm conditions within a few minutes when louvered and secured to the wall. The shutters can be made storm ready by just one person.

Our rolldowns are installed above an opening and are raised and lowered using an electric motor. The system can also be activated manually by crank. When built into a new home Roll Shutters are virtually invisible. While in the closed position, they not only provide storm protection, they also protect from forced entry and theft. When not in use they store in an enclosed box located at the top of the opening.
Bertha™ Storm Panels offer value and protection.

Finally, we installed aluminum panels. These systems include removable panels made of aluminum, steel and clear poly-carbonate  Panels are cut to size and attached with anchors or tracks for easier assembly and installation. Our storm panels are tested and approved for most areas.

We made sure that all the new hardware matched his current house design scheme- so that his new protection was as beautiful as it is strong.