Lowe's Grocery Store

Decorative Bahama Shutters for Hurricane Protection on a Home in Wilmington

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This was quite an interesting job to perform. Our customer was not interested in the protective aspect of our hurricane shutters. Rather, Lowe's desired to add a tropical feel to their store and to break up long expanses of open walls. That said, our decorative Bahama Shutters will both protect the walls that they cover and also place this store in the ranks of some of the most attractive in the region.

As with many commercial projects, the Lowe's Food store wanted to increase the curb appeal of their store. As built, the building had large blank walls over the openings, and they decided that our decorative Bahama shutters were the best option to add some color and increase the attractiveness of the storefront. Choosing from over 200 standard colors, they were easily able to find a great color for their shutters to add some drama and interest.

Custom decorative Bahama shutters were installed on this commercial project, following all applicable OSHA and local regulations.