Storm Shutters

Are you one of the many consumers that love the look of Bahama shutters but dislike the obstruction of your view? With normal bahama shutters, the blades do not fully open and obstruct the million dollar view of the water, your yard, or simply your neighborhood. Well fear that no more! Our new 4″ blades fully open and you can clearly see outdoors and let in as much natural light as you wish!

These 4″ blades provide almost unlimited view, and are opened and closed by simply turning the blade stack with a turn of the wrist. Bahamas are powder-coated any of over 200 colors at no extra charge


One way homeowners have tried to protect their windows from storms is through the use of safety and security films. However, as a result of a new law in 2011, this film should not be considered hurricane resistant in Florida.

These are the most stringent hurricane codes, and the ones that we adhere to when installing in North and South Carolina. The film makes the windows more shatter resistant but DOES NOT make them impact resistant to hurricane borne debris.


On its own website, 3M clarifies that its line of “Safety and Security window films are not hurricane proof, earthquake proof, bulletproof, bombproof, nor burglarproof. They are designed to make window glass more shatter resistant.” They also make it clear that “this product is not approved in the State of Florida for uses a hurricane, windstorm, or impact protection from windborne debris from a hurricane or windstorm” and states that in compliance with Florida Statute 553.842, the product cannot be advertised as “impact resistant.”