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This well known customer was looking to protect one of his ocean front properties on Figure Eight Island. Having done many homes on the Island, he was referred to us by a few property owners in the area. Due to the large number of windows on the home, the homeowner opted to utilize electric roll down shutters on all his openings. This provided a high strength solution for hurricanes, while also allowing the home to be closed quickly and efficiently. As a bonus, the shutters can be utilized as an extra layer of security for the home and helps to deflect water from intruding into the home from wind driven rain (a non-quantifiable bonus benefit).

Our largest residential contract to date, it presented numerous challenges that our experienced team was there to solve. From electrical issues, to high elevations, to the marine environment, the experienced team at American Hurricane was there to ensure that these shutters will work beautifully day-to-day and in the event of a severe weather event.