Other than adding style, the true aim of hurricane shutters is as protection for your home and/or business. In this review, we are providing you with information on the different types of hurricane shutters you would find available in our database. Regardless of your selection, you will experience an immediate change of look of your home exterior and interior with the shutters adding charisma and an indication of complexity.

To begin with, louver shutters are designed in a classic louver style of two and half inches. However, there are those designed with wider louvers of up to three and half inches. Louver shutters are integrated with split-pull bar option or driver rails, which make it possible for you to operate them from top and/or bottom. On top of the above designs, these shutters have palladium tops used to increase privacy and enhance the elegant appearance. As far as the interior of your house is concerned, you are advised to settle for plantation shutters. These shutters are not only convenient for hurricane protection, but also block sun rays and offer exceptional appearance.

The most characteristic feature about our hurricane shutters is that we provide them in a wide range of provisions, including steel, metal, and Lexan. We also offer them in a variety of colors and styles that are most suited for your preference. Many people look at shutters as decorations to windows and garage doors; however, our shutters aim to protect the most important investment you own- your home. Hurricane shutters are also able to provide practical protection from the hot sun and strong winds when there are no hurricanes. They offer beauty, style, flair and complete satisfaction of a home that is well-decorated and safe, both in the interior and exterior.

Good examples of custom shutters made for serious weather conditions include automatic roll-down shutters, bahama shutters and accordion shutters. Normally, the automatic roll-down shutters are made from metal and are pre-installed with metal, making them convenient for harsh weather conditions at the push of a button. Accordion shutters have been tested as well as approved for hurricane protection, and they can be installed on balconies, doors, windows, and lanais. Bahamas shutters on the other hand, will provide you with protection with a blend of beautiful appearances that will always keep you satisfied.