The choice of hurricane shutters you make for your home should be well-diversified. This guide aims at helping you settle for the most convenient shutters among the various custom shutters. What you pick as shutters is mainly associated with the level of protection and beauty you are after. In addition, the place you live also determines what you choose as shutters. Areas that are highly prone to hurricane storms do require you to go for shutters that have high degree of protection. On the other hand, areas that are not highly exposed to hurricanes may require you to pick any functional but decorative shutters.

What you pick as hurricane shutters should take into consideration the structure and quality of the shutters. The common and convenient shutters that you can pick include: wood shutters, poly shutters, vinyl shutters, composite shutters, steel, and aluminum shutters. All the above named shutters present specific qualities that make them unique and necessary for different hurricane occasions. The simplest and most probably affordable shutters are wood shutters. They offer your home a traditional sensation- however, these shutters are vulnerable to a number of things. First and for most they are bound to bow, twist or warp with time. Secondly, the painted surface may end up fading, cracking and/or peeling off. They also offer little-to no protection from true hurricane-force winds.

Vinyl shutters are also useful, and their production involves poly-resin materials that use a different extrusion process. These shutters are extremely useful in humid areas, including sinks, swimming pools and washrooms. However they too are NOT HURRICANE resistant.

We provide only aluminum, Lexan, and steel hurricane shutters- built and installed to code so that they can save your home in the event of a major hurricane or storm.

As you can see, different shutters will provide you with different usefulness. However, the end goal is to ensure there is maximum house protection from hurricanes and bad weather. The cost should not worry you so much since most of the shutters are cost effective.