Hurricane season vary from one year to the next; thus, you cannot possibly forecast how strong or weak the storms can get at a given time and/or how many will hit your locality. The concept of global warming should give you a hint that you need proper hurricane preparedness. Our responsibility is to remind you how important it is to be prepared in advance. Take a good look at what Katrina did to people and you are bound to rethink the approach to hurricanes. It takes time to prepare; however, the peace achieved due to preparedness is long lasting.

Measures to be taken when preparing for Hurricanes

It is always a good idea to have a section of your place set aside for storm preparedness storage when living in hurricane prone areas. You can use the storage area to secure what is important in the event that hurricane strikes and/or you need to evacuate the area. The next important concepts that you need to be aware of are differences between hurricanes and tropical storms with respect to a watch and a warning issued via media. A hurricane warning refers to sustained winds that are above 73 mph, which are anticipated within the warning area. Therefore, people are expected to finish preparing protection for their shelter, animals and property.  The aim of hurricane preparedness is to decrease the odds of severe damages.