There are two basic aspects of hurricane safety, and they include preparation and prevention. One can prepare for hurricane; however, if one does not act on the preparations, then it is all for nothing. The crucial things that one must consider include but are not limited to the following: information gathering, planning and implementation, recovering, and the necessary resources.

Information Gathering

Knowing how prone your area is to hurricane is extremely crucial. This is the best and most convenient way to learn of the hazards that you and your family are exposed to when struck by hurricanes. To begin with, you need to study the altitude of your home and how vulnerable it is to wind, flooding and storm surge. Watch and warning should be the next steps in preventing hurricane strike; this includes understanding National weather Service forecast products. If possible you are advised to reach out to your resident National Weather Service center as well as local emergency management center. In your quest, try as much as possible to find out the possibility of hurricane attacks and the means to combat the attacks. Maintain a complete and reliable contact list, including: local utilities, local TV and Radio stations, local emergence management office, public safety fire and rescue, and local hospitals.

Planning and Implementation

Being prepared for hurricane attacks is a must do thing. Hurricane preparedness process should include the home and its vicinity. Make sure that anything that is not rooted to the ground on your compound is relocated somewhere safe. Have all the openings especially windows and doors installed with hurricane shutters. Never forget garage doors; if possible have them installed with automatic roll-down shutters for convenience. In the event that your home is located in a disaster prone area, you are advised to build a panic room and/or disaster avoidance room. Prevention techniques must include installation of hurricane shutters and relocating to safer grounds. Relocation is highly recommended if the warning signs are extremely dangerous. If you relocated due to hurricane attacks, you are advised to maintain your current position until your home area is declared safe. This way, you will not only avoid unnecessary damage to you and your family, but allow yourself enough time to reconfigure your new starting point. Resources are always crucial when preparing and preventing hurricane attacks. Therefore, make sure that you have adequate access to the much needed resources in your plan.