In the event that you fail in preparing for hurricane, you are advised to take into consideration hurricane aftermath and returning home techniques. Lethal dangers do exist after hurricane knocks out power and/or causes flooding. In extreme cases, hurricane attacks may end up pulling down houses. Therefore, it is not always about going back; however, it is about dealing with the aftermath.

Safety Information to Consider

  • Make sure that you do not use portable generator indoors. Indoor includes sheds, garages, crawlspaces, and basement. This is so since portable generators release deadly exhaust fumes.
  • It is always appropriate to use a portable generator outdoors in dry areas that are allocated away from openings, including doors, windows and vents that can lead harmful gases into house.
  • Major safety and health threat exist after hurricane attacks; therefore, there is every need for you to be desperately cautious about everything.
  • Always check out building structures before you walk into them after a hurricane strike. In addition, you should look out for debris-filled streets since they are dangerous.
  • There are a number of electrical safety hazards associated with hurricane aftermath. Watch out for dangling power lines and have them reported to electrical department. Moreover, do not turn on lights and other electrical appliances until they are checked by electricians.
  • Drive nails into the locations of the house floor to prevent flooded wooden floors from warping and buckling. Moreover, it is essential to remove loose plaster as well as repair the damaged plaster on ceilings and walls when the house is dry.
  • Make sure flooded subterranean vaults are drained and cleaned in the best time possible. Have your basement drained in stages after the floodwater within your homestead has subsided.
  • Hurricane aftermath does most definitely leave domestic water unclean. Therefore, do not use any water that presents traces of contamination. For instance, mysterious odor and dark color.

Always do the following before returning home after hurricane attacks: inquire on safety of your home whether or not you can go back, look out for debris while driving on city streets, report any utility damage on sight, follow up warnings from local TV and Radio stations, and return to your pre-established out-of vicinity contact individual. There are always ruins left behind by hurricanes; therefore, you must update yourself with the necessary injury prevention techniques. It is not always easy to deal with hurricane aftermath, but you can always start over.