Roll-down shutters are basically hinged louver panels that are designed to roll up and down automatically. These shutters are attached to any given span that requires protection from disaster mitigation or hurricanes or from severe storms.  Our high velocity automatic roll-down shutters are the most convenient and versatile types of roll-down shutters you can find in the market today. They have highly integrated energy efficiency. This is in accord with the installed automatic control system. The system ensures that your roller shutters open and close automatically whenever necessary and with respect to weather patterns and set times. The heat loss reduction from a bay window ranges between fifteen and twenty percent in winter. Ease of use is what anyone admires; well, with automatic roll-down shutters you do not need to wind or pull the roller shutters up and down, this is done automatically- although manual options are available.. You have the luxury of controlling the position of the shutters in order to control the amount of light passing through.

Benefiting features include:

  • Provides maximum security when not at home.
  • Have better water penetration protection capabilities.
  • Creates a lived-in look by simulating occupancy with a timer.
  • There is a provision of an optional remote control system.
  • They have the full capacity of surviving hurricane force winds.
  • You can always choose from a variety of colors, including ivory, white, and beige, bronze along with uncompounded custom colors.
  • You can effectively operate them from inside as well as outside your home.
  • There is minimal maintenance needed; therefore, you have no reason to worry.

Talk of expediency; you can always come across your most appealing design of automatic roll-down shutter. These shutters provide sun protection, security and style for your home. They have the ability to alter the shading of your room, and they are magnificent at minimizing outdoor noise and provide maximum privacy. They are most engaging in summer and winter. In winter, these shutters cut down on your heating cost through their in-built insulation capabilities. In summer, they maintain the coolness of your home by minimizing glare and heat that enters into your home. Guaranteed durability is found in automatic roll-down shutters since you do not need to worry about cables or tapes wearing out. Unlike manual shutters, the automatic system enables you to avoid rough handling of shutters.