All of our impact rated shutters are tested to the same standards. The most important considerations when deciding which shutter to buy are generally: budget, ease of use, aesthetics, and operation.

The only things that limit selection are that we generally do not recommend using hurricane screen over windows and other openings that sit close to the siding. As a fabric product, screen is wonderful and strong, however it is not rigid. This means when it is impacted by something, it will deflect and if the netting is too close to the window- the window behind it will break. Then you will have hurricane driven rain and air pressure being directed at the fabric protecting a shattered window. Therefore we generally only recommend hurricane screen to be used over porches and lanais. 

We also typically install Lexan XL-10 over fixed, non-operable windows rather than a shutter. This clear polycarbonate is guaranteed not to yellow, and allows for year round protection. It also is a far more affordable option for fixed windows that are otherwise inaccessible, considering the option there would be electric rolldowns which are over double the price per square foot.

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