Many customers have older hurricane shutters and need them to be replaced due to wear and tear of a marine environment, neglect, or simply wanting better looking and advanced shutter systems. It is good news then, that we offer many state-of-the-art hurricane shutters which can protect and update your home.

Articulating Blade Bahamas are a new style of Bahama shutter which allow the blades to move- resulting in a near unobstructed view outside. This is great for people who want to see what is outside their window and to allow more light in.

Single Wall Slat Rolldowns are a new type of rolldown shutter that is constructed to meet the same impact codes as the previous models- but with a much smaller hood.

Remote Operation Electric Motors allow you to operate your electric rolldowns or electric rollscreens remotely using your cellphone. This is a great option for customers who do not live at the residence where they are getting the shutters installed. Rather than having to drive down during a hurricane or begging a neighbor, you can simply press a button and they come down.

Clear Panels allow for more light to enter your home when panels are installed. However they do come with the significant drawback that, to be installed to code and meet impact ratings, they must be wingnutted on top and bottom- which is twice the work of typical aluminum panels. In the event this is something you are considering, call and we can discuss the options to make these as simple to use as possible.

Hurricane Screens are a great option to protect porches and lanais- allowing the openings on the interior to not have to need hurricane protection. Furthermore, it allows you to leave out your furniture and not have to move it inside during a storm. We also offer remote operation on these shutters as well. We do not recommend they be installed over windows, due to the flexibility of the product potentially breaking the window.

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