Most of our competitors sell Bahamas that we in the industry call “Fixed Blade Rated”. These are the typical Bahamas that, when deployed, are essentially impossible to see through. Many of our customers love the look of Bahama shutters, but the complete obscuring of their million-dollar views made Bahamas a poor choice.

In 2017, there was a revolution in Bahama shutter technology. A new system where the blades moved was developed. Now you can choose either 2″ or 4″ blade shutters, where you can reach out and turn a single blade. This one motion turns ALL the blades in the shutter open, leaving a few millimeter line ever 2″ or 4″ (depending on style chosen). This creates a nearly unobscured view through the Bahamas, and our customers can now see their backyards, streets, or waterfront as well as allow more light into the home.

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