The Comprehensive Guide to Roll Away Hurricane Shutters

For those residing in hurricane-prone areas, the seasonal threat of devastating storms is a constant concern. The protection of your home against high winds and flying debris is paramount, and roll away hurricane shutters stand out as a premier choice for safeguarding your property. Understanding the intricacies of these shutters, from their design to their installation, is crucial for any homeowner looking to enhance their home’s defense against the fury of nature.

Understanding Roll Away Hurricane Shutters

Roll away hurricane shutters, also known as rolling or roll-up shutters, are designed to provide maximum protection for windows and doors against the severe weather conditions brought on by hurricanes. Their convenience and efficiency make them an increasingly popular choice among homeowners in vulnerable regions.

What Are Roll Away Hurricane Shutters?

Roll away hurricane shutters are built from high-strength materials such as aluminum or steel, designed to withstand the high winds and debris impact of a hurricane. These shutters are mounted above windows and doors and can be deployed easily when a storm approaches. Their rolling mechanism allows for quick and straightforward protection, making them an essential tool in hurricane preparedness.

One of the key benefits of roll away shutters is their versatility. Not only do they offer protection during a storm, but they also enhance privacy, reduce noise, and improve energy efficiency by blocking out heat.

How Do They Work?

The operation of roll away hurricane shutters is relatively simple. When not in use, the shutters are stored in a rolled-up position in a box above the window or door. Upon the approach of a storm, the shutters can be lowered either manually, with a crank, or automatically, with the push of a button, to cover the opening completely. This barrier acts as a shield against the elements, protecting the glass and interior of the home from damage.

For automatic shutters, a motorized system is installed, which can be controlled remotely. This feature is particularly beneficial for large homes or for individuals with mobility issues, as it allows for the quick and effortless deployment of the shutters across multiple openings.

The Importance of Design and Material Selection

When it comes to roll away hurricane shutters, not all products are created equal. The design and materials used in the construction of the shutters play a critical role in their effectiveness and durability.

Choosing the Right Materials

The choice of material for your roll away shutters is a decision that impacts not only their strength but also their longevity. Aluminum is widely favored for its combination of lightweight and high strength, making it an ideal choice for hurricane shutters. It is also resistant to corrosion, which is crucial in the salty air environments typical of coastal areas. Steel, while heavier, offers even greater impact resistance, making it suitable for areas that frequently experience the most severe storms.

Regardless of the material chosen, it is essential that the shutters meet the standards set by local building codes and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). These standards ensure that the shutters can withstand the specific wind loads and debris impact levels expected in your region.

Design Considerations

The design of roll away shutters goes beyond aesthetics. It encompasses the structural integrity, ease of deployment, and the ability to provide a secure fit over windows and doors. Shutters must be tailored to the dimensions and shapes of the openings they are meant to protect, ensuring a seamless and effective barrier against the storm.

Additionally, the design must account for the method of operation—manual or automatic—as well as the installation requirements. Properly designed shutters will not only offer robust protection but also blend with the architectural style of the home, maintaining its curb appeal even when the shutters are deployed.

Benefits of Roll Away Hurricane Shutters

Aside from their primary function of protecting homes during hurricanes, roll away shutters offer a range of additional benefits. These shutters can act as a deterrent against intruders, providing an added layer of security for your home. The noise reduction properties of the shutters can create a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment, shielding your home from external disturbances.

Moreover, roll away shutters can contribute to energy savings by providing insulation against heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. This thermal barrier helps regulate indoor temperatures, reducing the strain on heating and cooling systems and potentially lowering energy bills.

Installation and Maintenance

The effectiveness of roll away hurricane shutters is heavily dependent on their proper installation and maintenance. Incorrectly installed shutters can fail during a hurricane, leading to potentially catastrophic damage.

Professional Installation

Given the critical role that roll away shutters play in home protection, professional installation is strongly recommended. Certified installers have the expertise to ensure that the shutters are securely anchored and operate correctly. They can also identify any potential issues with the fit or operation of the shutters, addressing them before they become problematic.

During the installation process, special attention is given to the mounting of the shutter housing, the alignment of the guide rails, and the secure attachment of the shutter curtain. These elements are crucial for the structural integrity and functionality of the shutters.

Maintenance Tips

To ensure the longevity and reliability of roll away hurricane shutters, regular maintenance is essential. This includes cleaning the shutters and tracks to remove debris and prevent corrosion, lubricating moving parts to ensure smooth operation, and inspecting the shutters for any signs of wear or damage.

It is also advisable to test the shutters periodically, especially as the hurricane season approaches, to ensure they can be deployed quickly and without issue. For automatic shutters, checking the battery backup or power source is also crucial to guarantee operation during power outages.

Enhancing Home Security with Roll Away Shutters

Roll away hurricane shutters not only protect your home from extreme weather but also enhance its security. These shutters act as a physical barrier against potential intruders, making it more challenging for unauthorized individuals to access your property through windows or doors.

By investing in roll away shutters, homeowners can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their property is safeguarded not only during hurricanes but also throughout the year. The added security provided by these shutters can lower insurance premiums and increase the overall value of the home.

Integration with Smart Home Technology

For homeowners looking to further enhance their security measures, roll away hurricane shutters can be integrated with smart home technology. By connecting the shutters to a smart home system, you can remotely monitor and control their operation, providing an additional layer of convenience and peace of mind.

Smart features such as automated scheduling, remote access via mobile devices, and integration with home security systems can elevate the functionality of roll away shutters, making them an integral part of a comprehensive home security strategy.

Customizing Roll Away Shutters for Aesthetic Appeal

While the primary function of roll away hurricane shutters is to protect homes during storms, their design can also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of a property. Homeowners have the opportunity to customize their shutters to complement the architectural style and color scheme of their home, enhancing its visual appeal.

Options for customization include choosing different finishes, colors, and styles that seamlessly blend with the existing exterior of the home. By selecting the right design elements, roll away shutters can become a stylish addition that enhances the overall curb appeal of the property.

Architectural Integration

When selecting roll away shutters, homeowners can opt for designs that integrate seamlessly with the architectural features of their home. Whether the property has a modern, traditional, or coastal design, there are shutter styles available to complement and enhance the overall look of the house.

Architectural integration ensures that the roll away shutters not only provide protection and security but also contribute to the cohesive and harmonious appearance of the property. By carefully considering the design elements, homeowners can achieve a visually appealing and functional solution for their home.


Roll away hurricane shutters represent a significant investment in the safety and security of your home. Their ability to protect against the destructive forces of a hurricane, combined with their ease of use and versatility, makes them an invaluable addition to any home in a hurricane-prone area. By understanding the key aspects of these shutters—from their design and materials to their installation and maintenance—homeowners can make informed decisions that enhance their preparedness for the storm season.

Ultimately, the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is well-protected is invaluable. Roll away hurricane shutters offer not just a physical barrier against storms, but also a shield against the anxiety and uncertainty that hurricane season can bring.

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